Israeli Film Program

21 November 2020

Following the established tradition, the Golden Apricot festival is expanding the circle of international partners year by year. For its 17th edition, GAIFF established collaboration with Israeli Ambassador in Armenia, Mr. Eli Belotsercovsky, who supported two events: a film screening of the new film The Dead of Jaffa directed by Ram Loevy and an exclusive on-line GAIFF talk with winning film director Nadav Lapid.

The Dead of Jaffa follows three Palestinian orphaned children who are smuggled into Israel from the West Bank. They arrive at the home of distant relatives George and Rita, an Israeli Palestinian couple who live in Jaffa. While this plot is unfolding, a foreign film is being shot nearby and a big storm is approaching. Rita embraces them as her own, but George fears the repercussions of the Israeli authorities discover they are sheltering the young illegal aliens. Meanwhile, nearby, a British film director is making a movie about his parents’ love affair in 1947 when they served in the British army in Palestine. When the present-day reality meets the historical events that led to it, tragedy ensues.

The screening was held on the 20th of November in CinemaStar.

The screening will be realized within the framework of the Golden Apricot festival’s “Support to Cinemas” action which is aimed to support cinemas seriously affected by the pandemic.

As a part of the Israeli Film Program, the online talk Nadav Lapid was organized and broadcasted on the festival webpage and social media channels. The Armenian audience is familiar with Nadav Lapid’s last film Synonyms which won the Golden Berlin Bear for the Best Film in 2019. Synonyms had been presented at the 16th Golden Apricot festival in July 2019 within Yerevan Premier Section.


Please find the link to the on-line talk below: