Golden Apricot 2020 Poster

29 October 2020

#GoldenApricot to join pan-Armenian fundraiser with "Dedication to Artsakh" project

With the project "Dedication to Artsakh" the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival will join "We are our borders. All for Artsakh” nationwide fundraiser of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund from November 1 until November 30. With its continuous implementation of various programs, the festival will have its contribution to the process of nationwide fundraising

The project will be launched on November 1, with the pan-Armenian premiere of the "Should the Wind Drop" dedicated to Artsakh by French director Nora Martirosyan. The film has been selected for the 73rd edition of the Cannes Festival. The program will continue with the premiere of “Gate to Heaven” by Jivan Avetisyan, recently removed from Moscow International Film Festival.

The premieres of Garegin Papoyan's " Bon Voyage" dedicated to Artsakh and Silva Khnkanosyan's "Nothing to be Afraid of" included in the competition program of the Rotterdam International Film Festival will also take place in the first week of November. The premieres of Marat Sargsyan, who lives in Lithuania, "The Flood Won’t Come" included in the Venice International Film Festival, and the film "Blockade" about the war by Hakob Melkonyan will take place within the project.
All screenings of the above-mentioned films will be held exclusively with tickets, without invitations and the proceeds from all screenings will be transferred in full to "We are our borders. All for Artsakh” nationwide fundraiser of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

All proceeds from the screenings of the "Yerevan Premieres" and "Retrospective Screenings" projects, as well as the latest films screened in cooperation with Canada, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, held until November 30 within the framework of the 17th Golden Apricot International Film Festival, will also be donated to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. An exclusive exhibition-sale will also be organized within the festival.