Creative Europe, Press Cocktail. day 5th

11 July 2019

The 5th day of the 16th Golden Apricot IFF started with the public discussion on the media component of the Creative Europe project, implemented jointly with the European Union 's ''Creative Europe'' Office in Armenia.

Although Armenia is not yet officially a member of this subprogramme, the Armenian government has expressed a desire to start the process of membership, which was once again fixed during the Parliamentary hearings on legislative regulation in the field of cinema. The Creative Europe MEDIA program has been set up with the best European ratings, every year various people apply to this fund and receive funding from Europe's most famous film festivals and film markets. What can Armenia get from the possible participation of the program and what steps are needed to make that prospect a reality? These and other issues were discussed during a public discussion.

Dilsad Aladag ( Belonging ), Sona Simonyan ( Great Expectations ), Elham Nobakht (Beloved) had press conferences. The AGBU hosted Reza Mirkarimi.

The traditional press cocktail event was held throughout the day, during which the role of the media in the context of popularization of the festival was once again highlighted. GAIFF Pro awarding and closing ceremony was held at the AGBU Armenia.

 Yard of St. Hovhannes Church (Kond District) hosted the screening of the film ''Kond'' by Harutyun Khachatryan. Opening of Arthur Aristakisyan’s Retrospective Program took place with screening of the film ''A Place on Earth''. In the evening the mayor of Yerevan hosted the guests of the festival.