Atom Egoyan․ Golden Apricot has became one of the most important events in the cultural life

14 July 2020

World-famous film director Atom Egoyan, a member of the Honorary Council of the Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival, will take an active part in the work of the festival GAIFF PRO platform. The film director will share his experience with the participants of GAIFF PRO, which will be held on July 13-16, he has already managed to read the projects of the C2C online market. It should be noted that on July 14 a comparative discussion is planned on Atom Egoyan's "Calendar" and Keko Chelidze's "Dead Souls Vacation" films, in which the two directors will take part.

"From the very beginning, when "Golden Apricot" was being created, we were thinking about the idea of a crossroads of cultures. Armenia is a country through which many cultures have passed. We have always believed that our country is a great place to hold a festival," Atom Egoyan says.

According to the director, it became clear from the very beginning that the filmmakers visiting Armenia within the framework of the festival gain magical, unique feelings. Egoyan states that the founder and president of Golden Apricot Harutyun Khachatryan has an indescribable charm, he is a special person, people like to be around him.

"From the very beginning, we hoped that the festival would become the brand of Armenia. It is not surprising at all that it became one of the most important cultural events. We have so much to offer to the world, this is a very inspiring festival. All the filmmakers I know who have come to participate in the festival have had a wonderful experience, they talk a lot about how wonderful the festival was. That is why many filmmakers want to come here, " the world-famous director says.

According to him, filmmakers are especially impressed by the fact that artists are honored in Armenia. For example, in our country, there are museums presenting Parajanov, Komitas, Saryan and other figures, which amaze those who come to our country from abroad. Egoyan emphasizes that all this may seem normal to us, as we live in Armenia, but the fact that the country respects its artists, astonishes and admires foreign filmmakers.

Egoyan noted that he is very proud of the festival. He says that "Golden Apricot" is a unique combination of a young festival of a country with an ancient culture.