Atom Egoyan - 60

19 July 2020

Dear Atom,
Today is a glorious jubilee for you. You are celebrating the 60th anniversary of your birth. 60 years is an important benchmark for any human being, a time to once again reflect on all that one has done in their life and in their work, for themselves and for their loved ones, for their country and their homeland. You yourself should feel absolutely satisfied because what you’ve managed to accomplish gives you that right. You have created your own cinema which is unique to your creative world. You have generated a creative environment that characterizes your way of life and creation. You have gifted your devotion to your homeland through your personal efforts, your many initiatives and your love for Armenia.
We are thrilled that together years ago we were able to acquaint the world with Armenian cinema and make Armenia a part of the grand world of film. With your endless devotion and inspiration, you joined our vision of invigorating Golden Apricot and spared no efforts in contributing your skills for the betterment of your homeland on this front as well.
Together we’ve come a long and hard way, sharing laughs and troubles, victories and disappointments and yet remaining true to our goal, our dreams and aspirations. Even today you stand with us as a supporter of our new initiatives. Your online participation in GAIFF Pro in these troubling of times is yet another valuable example of this.
Today, when many wonderful memories and precious moments have passed, we congratulate you from the bottoms of our hearts, because your anniversary is also ours. The pandemic hindered our plan to enjoy your anniversary together in Yerevan in the frames of Golden Apricot, just as we did a decade ago with your “apricoty” 50th-anniversary celebration. To you and your wonderful family, our lovely friend and comrade-in-arms Arsinée we wish renewed success. We wish you days of happiness and harmony, full of new creative accomplishments and endless achievements in cinema and other art forms. We wish you all years of peace and quiet so that your work for art and culture and for a free creative environment constantly shapes into an ever-solid trajectory.
You and your family are always welcome under Golden Apricots warm and cozy roof, accompanied by apricots, the Armenian sun and geniality.
On behalf of our whole team and many followers, we say CONGRATULATIONS to you again and again and attest our love for you. May you always be in good health and remember that we’re always awaiting your arrival.