Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform

Established in 2009 by Golden Apricot Fund for Cinema Development (GAFCD) and Anadolu Kultur (Turkey), the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform (ATCP) facilitates co-production between Armenia and Turkey. It serves as a working platform for film professionals from both countries. ATCP is dedicated to transnational and multilateral cultural cooperation, professional training, and exchange of knowledge.

Since the inception of ATCP, the platform has brought to life 20 documentary and short film projects, facilitated over 200 inter-state exchange visits, and produced and distributed the first Armenian-Turkish cinema Almanac. Films from ATCP have been screened in different international film festivals and cultural centers, attracting broad audiences from around the world. Today, ATCP is a full-fledged network with more than 250 participants from both countries.

The deadlines and details relating to eligibility criteria can be found here.

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