Director Issaad Salah

Production year 2020

Length 92min.

Country France/Algeria


Soula, a young single mother, is rejected by her family in the name of honor. Trying to make it through the night with her baby, she finds herself caught up in a spiral of violence. Along the roads of Algeria and through unfortunate encounters in a stunning journey, she heads towards her inevitable destiny.


Issaad Salah
Issaad Salah



Issaad Abdelghafour, Issaad Salah


Issaad Salah,Soula Bahri

Director of Photography

Arthur Fanget

Music by

Nicolas Montaigne


Salah Issaad


Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, Franck Yvrai

Production company(ies)

Issaad Film Productions

Issaad Salah

Born 1989. Born in Arris in Algeria, to an Algerian mother and Tunisian father, he was raised in a family of publishers. After a baccalaureate in letters and foreign languages in 2008 he entered the law school of Batna in Algeria, then emigrated to France where he studied film studies for two years at the University of Paris VIII. Alternating professional life and studies, he joined the ARFIS audiovisual school in Lyon, then he ended up joining the Factory school in Villeurbanne where he obtained his cinema director diploma. He has made a feature film and several short films. He has always been pushed by the passion of telling stories where human relationships are honored. He explores different narrative forms and different film genres like drama, tragedy, stories inspired by real facts, and comedy.


Soula (2020), Je suis Cyrano (short, 2020).

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