Director Jumana Manna

Production year 2022

Length 65min.

Country Palestine


Foragers moves between documentary and action to depict the dramas between the Israeli Nature Protection Authority and Palestinian foragers. With a wry sense of humor, the film captures the inherited love, resilience and knowledge of these traditions, over an eminently political backdrop.


Jumana Manna
Jumana Manna



Jumana Manna

Director of Photography

Marte Vold, Ashraf Dowani, Yaniv Linton

Music by

Rashad Becker


Rashad Becker


Jumana Manna, Katrin Ebersohn


Aziza Manna, Adel Manna, Zeidan Hajib, Mahmoud Shawahde

Jumana Manna

Jumana Manna is a visual artist and filmmaker. Her work explores how power is articulated, focusing on the body, land and materiality in relation to colonial inheritances and histories of place. Through sculpture, filmmaking, and occasional writing, Manna deals with the paradoxes of preservation practices, particularly within the elds of archaeology, agriculture and law. Her practice considers the tension between the modernist traditions of categorisation and conservation and the unruly potential of ruination as an integral part of life and its regeneration. Jumana Manna was raised in Jerusalem and lives in Berlin. She has participated in multiple film festivals including Berlinale, Viennale, BAFICI, IFFR, Cairo Cinema Days, Goteborg FF, Ambulante, Cinéma du Réel, Art of the Real. Her Wild Relatives (2018) won CPH:DOX’s New Visions Award, Sheeld Doc’s Environmental Film Award, DokuFest Kosovo’s Green Dox Award, and Palestine Cinema Days’ Sunbird Award.


Blessed Blessed Oblivion (short, 2010), The Umpire Whispers (short, 2010), A Sketch of Manners (short, 2013), Jumana Manna & Sille Storihle (short, 2013), A Magical Substance Flows into Me (2015) Wild Relatives (2018), Foragers (2022).

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