Director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, Ilya Permyakov

Production year 2020

Length 369min.

Country Germany/Ukraine/UK/Russia/Sweden/France


A secret Soviet Institute conducts scientific and occult experiments on animals and people, aiming at creating an "ideal human being". A KGB general and his aides prefer to turn a blind eye to the erotic adventures of the director and scandalous debaucheries of distinguished scientists and their mad and cruel research methods. Until once, under the guise of test subjects, a radical youth group arrives at the Institute. They are given a severe task: to eradicate the dissolute behaviors of intelligentsia and - if need be - to destroy and to erase the fragile world of the Institute.


Grand Prix | Auteur FF, Serbia, 2020

Golden Arch - Best Cinematography | East-West: Golden Arch International Film Awards, Russia, 2021


Ilya Khrzhanovsky
Ilya Khrzhanovsky



Sergey Adonyev


Ilya Khrzhanovsky, Ilya Permyakov

Director of Photography

Jürgen Jürges

Production designer

Denis Shibanov


Alex Joseph, Rob Walker, Stefan Smith, Borys Peter


Marianne Kuopanportti, Ling Lee, Arttu Salmi


Vladimir Azhippo, Dmitry Kaledin, Olga Shkabarnya, Alexei Blinov, Viktoria Skitskaya, Teodor Currentzis

Production company(ies)

Phenomen Berlin Filmproduktions, Plattform Produktion, Société Parisienne de Production

Ilya Khrzhanovsky

Born 1975. He spent a year at the Bonn Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in Film Directing at the famous Russian film school, VGIK, in 1998. Khrzhanovsky's directorial debut was the production of That Which I Feel at the Kukart Festival at Peterhof in 1997. Khrzhanovsky also co-directed Stop, which is a short film, together with Artyom Mikhalkov in 1998. Between 1998 and 2002, Khrzhanovsky worked as a director and producer in commercial advertising. He was also the responsible producer of a Russian TNT Channel TV project The List of Lovers of the Russian Federation, a series directed by leading Russian movie directors. In 2003, the project became a part of the Berlin IFF program, as well as other Russian and international film festivals. Dau is a project and a series of films based on the life of Soviet physicist Lev Landau. Khrzhanovsky started developing the project in 2005. It is the biggest co-production of Russia and Europe. In 2006, Dau became a part of the Cannes FF official program and was selected as one of the 17 best world projects at the Atelier of the Cannes FF.


That Which I Feel (short, 1997), Stop (short, 1998), 4 (2004), Dau (13 films, 2019-2020).

Ilya Permyakov
Ilya Permyakov


Ilya Permyakov

Ilya Permyakov is a Russian director of audio-visual arts. He began his career as a scholar of Philosophy, in 2003 completing his PhD on philosophy of Martin Heidegger and poetry of Ossip Mandelstam translated by Paul Celan. In 2008, Permyakov won the Grand Prix of the Media Forum at the Moscow IFF, for his video art piece Gazing. His works have been exhibited in museums and art galleries, including MMOMA (Moscow) and Tate Modern (London). Between 2008-2012, Permyakov co-wrote and edited Nazidanie (directed by Boris Yukhananov); the film premiered at Locarno IFF (2017). Ilya Permyakov joined Dau in 2012, becoming a co-writer, co-director and editor.


Dau. Degeneration (2020).

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