Director Vigen Chaldranyan

Production year 1997

Length 101min.

Country Armenia


The action of this film takes place in the early 1990’s in Yerevan. The hero – an actor and film-director – tries to live, ignoring the everyday petty struggles for survival. Unfortunately he becomes involved, against his will, in a whirlpool of dull dramas and tragedies


Vigen Chaldranyan
Vigen Chaldranyan



Vigen Chaldranyan


Vigen Chaldranyan

Director of Photography

Rudolf Vatinyan

Production designer

Vigen Chaldranyan

Music by

Armen Martirosyan


Yuri Sayadyan


Vigen Chaldranyan


Vigen Chaldranyan, Hrachya Harutyunyan, Irina Karacheva, Kh. Kiziryan, Gurgen Sedrakyan, Armen Marutyan, Heghine Hovhannisyan, Hasmik Ter-Karapetyan

Production company(ies)

Hayfilm Studio

Vigen Chaldranyan

Film director, scriptwriter, producer and actor Vigen Chaldranyan entered Yerevan Institute of Art and Theatre in 1975, and after graduating from the Department of Art of Acting, studied Theatre Directing at the same institute. Later he studied in the department of Film Directing at Moscow All-Union State University of Cinematography where in 1978, he shot his first short film Gold Laughs. Vigen Chaldranyan has created nineteen films. In 2001, the President of the Republic of Armenia awarded him the Movses Khorenatsi Medal. In 2006, Chaldranyan was awarded RA Union of Cinematographers’ Anahit Award for his contributions to Armenian cinematography. In 2007, he was given the title of the Honorary Worker of Art of the Republic of Armenia. In 2008, Chaldranyan was elected as a Full member, academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society. In the same year the Western European Academy of Sciences and Arts awarded him Professor Sofi Takhalova’s Golden Star Award (Netherlands). The European Academy of Natural Sciences awarded him Gold Cross of Ludwig II of Bavaria (Germany, 2009). In 2010, the US branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded him the title of academician along with the Crown and Eagle Medal for his contribution to filmmaking. In 2010, the Fridtjof Nansen Fund in Armenia awarded him the Fridtjof Nansen Golden Medal. Chaldranyan has also received prizes and diplomas at various IFFs.


April (1985), A Voice in the Wilderness… (1991), My Farewell to Be… (1993), Armenians (1994), …I Returned Home (1993), Chrism (1996), Lord, Have Mercy (1997), Symphony of Silence (2001), The Priestess (2007), Tours in Japan (2009), Maestro (2010), The Voice of Silence (2013), Alter Ego (2016).

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