Director Serge Avédikian

Production year 2020

Length 65min.

Country France


"Turkey, a village, today. A French filmmaker of Armenian origin returns to his roots.

Four times in three decades, the director and actor Serge Avédikian returned to Sölöz, his grandparents' village located 170 km south of Istanbul. Throughout his successive returns from 1987 to 2019, he has drawn from this experience a powerful film on the themes of identity, historical truth and reconciliation." Avédikian returned to documentary filmmaking in order to express a subject that has been close to his heart for a long time, the fate of the people from whom he comes. It is the face of today's Turkey that the film reveals through the links forged with the population of his ancestors' village. But it is also a very personal and intimate film. Between past and present, the film weaves a personal story, which plunges us into the great history, through that of a return to the ephemeral sources. It is above all the testimony of a sad observation that shows the erasure of the traces of a whole culture left to abandonment... "


Serge Avédikian
Serge Avédikian



Serge Avédikian

Director of Photography

Richard Copans, Serge Avédikian, Erhan Arik


Philippe Grival



Production company(ies)

Les Films d’Ici, Studio Orlando

Serge Avédikian

born 1955․ A student at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Meudon, worked with the students of the Paris Conservatory and played many classic and modern pieces. In 1976, he created a theatrical company and staged several plays. In 1982 he began to make documentary films, while pursuing his acting career. In 1988, he founded his own production company and made personal films. At the same time, it continues its trajectory acting in theater, cinema and television. In 2007, he made “We drank the same water” , a documentary film on the Turkish conflict in Armenia. In 2010, he won the Palme d´Or for short film at Cannes, for his animated film Bitch of History. He directed a classic opera, Anouche, of which he signed the adaptation of the libretto in 2013. In 2013/14, he directed a fiction feature film, on the life and work of filmmaker Sergei Paradjanov, of which character he also plays. “The Parajanov Scandal” was released in theaters in France on January 7, 2015, and also in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. In 2015, he directed his new fiction film, “The One Waiting”, which was theatrically released in France in June 2016. Currently he is preparing to direct a fiction feature, Last Round in Istanbul.


We, France's Undocumented Immigrants (1997, short), Messieurs dames (1997, short), Terra Emota (1999, short), Lux aeterna (1999, short), Ligne de vie (2003, short), Un beau matin (2005, short), On était déjà jeune (2008), Barking Island (2010,short), On bosse ici! On vit ici! On reste ici! (2010, short), Histoire de chiens (2011, doc.), Paradzhanov (2013), Lost in Armenia (2016), Back to Sölöz (2021)

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