Director Norman Leto

Production year 2017

Length 107min.

Country Poland


Photon is a sort of a summary of the human knowledge about life and evolution. Unusual, exceptional and moving film visualises what we know today about the history of the universe. First twenty minutes of the film tells us about the beginnings of the matter, stars and planets, then the story fluently transcends into the second part: ‘Life’. The Narrator explains what we know and do not know today about the origins of life. How was such a complex matter as a human being formed? With a few explicit examples from an everyday life of an average family one can observe the biological foundations of the phenomena such as violence or alcoholism. The last chapter is presented in a form of a TV interview. It is a program about the future of a human kind. The incredibly colourful story will end with the current scientific forecast about the end of the universe.


Norman Leto
Norman Leto



Daniel Markowicz, Piotr Galon


Norman Leto

Director of Photography

Michał Marczak, Norman Leto

Music by

Książek, Przemysław Wierzbicki, Igor Szulc


Norman Leto, Antoni Kowalczyk


Andrzej Chyra, Danuta Banach, Stanisław Banach.

Production company(ies)

Lightcraft BBI

Norman Leto

Norman Leto born in Poland is a self-educated artist in the fields of video, painting, film and new media. Leto’s debut solo exhibition took place in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2007. Same year, he worked with the director Krystian Lupa on Factory Two, where his job was to prepare video sequences shown during the performance. From 2009-10, Norman Leto devoted himself to residency in New York in order to complete his autobiographical novel Sailor. Simultaneously, he completed a full-length film with the same title. Fully financed by the author, the film was well received at the Era New Horizons FF in Poland (2010) shown in New Cinema section. Work on a second feature film started in 2011 with Norman Leto researching materials for a new documentary called Photon.


Tyle w tobie chemii (2003), Umieraj, młody geniuszu (2005), Media Documentary (2005), Kochanek szkoły 1994 (2006), Resistenza (2006), Portrety (2006), Projekt poduszki powietrznej dla ukochanej osoby (2006), Krystian Lupa: Fabryka (2009), Buttes Monteaux III (2009), Sailor (2010), Photon (2017).

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