Director Hassan Fazili

Production year 2019

Length 90min.

Country USA/UK/Qatar/Canada


Fateful developments and surprising twists in the lives of their protagonists are welcome ingredients for documentary filmmakers. But when the director and his family are themselves the protagonists in their own film, every threatening situation becomes a conflict of conscience. Is it right to film every dramatic moment or is it morally wrong to think about a good film scene in the midst of misfortune? In 2015, a death threat from the Taliban saw Afghan director Hassan Fazili and his wife Fatima Hussaini, also a filmmaker, in exactly this situation. Together with their two daughters Nargis (11) and Zahra (6), they flee from their homeland to distant Europe in search of safety. The couple, and their two daughters, use their mobile phones to film their journey, which was to last several years. On the Balkan route, during long and uncertain stays in various refugee camps, they draw strength from documenting their difficult situation. Despite adversities and setbacks, the parents never once lose their humanity. They bear all manner of hardships and hope for a better future for their daughters, who become more and more independent as the long journey progresses.


Hassan Fazili
Hassan Fazili



Emelie Mahdavian, Su Kim


Emelie Mahdavian

Director of Photography

Fatima Hussaini, Hassan Fazili, Nargis Fazili, Zahra Fazili

Music by

Gretchen Jude


Daniel Timmons, Tony Volante


Emelie Mahdavian


Hassan Fazili, Nargis Fazili, Zahra Fazili

Production company(ies)

Old Chilly Pictures

Hassan Fazili

As a director, he has created theatre productions, documentaries, short films and TV series in Afghanistan. His short films and Life Again! focus on the rights of women, children and people with disabilities in Afghanistan and have screened at international festivals. He was location manager on Feo Aladag’s Inbetween Worlds, which screened in competition at the 2014 Berlinale. His TV documentary Peace in Afghanistan portrays the Taliban commander Mullah Tur Jan who laid down his arms in favour of a peaceful life as a civilian.


Life Again! (2009), Mr. Fazili’s Wife (2011, short), The House (2014, short), Midnight Traveller (2019).

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