Director Maria Sahakyan

Production year 2012

Length 75min.

Country Russia


The company of five young people isolated in a deserted country mansion before the coming end of the world.


Maria Sahakyan
Maria Sahakyan



Grigorii Matiukhin, Iulia Mishkinene


Grigorii Matiukhin, Ruslan Paushu

Director of Photography

Mkrtich Malkhasyan

Music by

Rodion Lubenskii


Diana Dell, Valeriia Gai-Germanika, Danila Poliakov, Ksenia Sobchak, Evgeniy Tsiganov.

Production company(ies)

Vita Aktiva

Maria Sahakyan

In 1992, Maria Sahakyan and her family moved to Russia. In 1996, she gained entrance to the Film Directing and Animation Department of Moscow All-Rusiian University of Cinematography (VGIK), Vladimir Kobrin’s workshop. In 2000-03, she made a series of mini-films for a multimedia encyclopedia about WWII and a few experimental short films. Maria Sahakyan graduated in 2003 with a degree project The Farewell, which premiered at Rotterdam IFF in Europe and Telluride IFF in USA. In 2007-08, she started developing the project Gumry 1946, which is telling personal stories from Armenian people and also started writing the script of I’m Going to Change My Name, which was awarded by B2B, Belgrade, DAB at the Golden Apricot IFF and was selected to participate in the Torino FilmLab Development Programme 2009.


The Game (2000, short), The Farewell (2003, short), The Lighthouse (2007), Terranova (2009), Nahodka (2010, short), Entropy (2012), I’m Going to Change My Name (2013).

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