Director Darya Zhuk

Production year 2019

Length 93min.

Country Belarus/Germany/USA/Russia


In post-Soviet Belarus, unemployed raver Velya dreams of emigrating to the U.S. After purchasing blank letterhead and forging proof of employment to win a much-coveted visa, her dream appears within reach... Until Velya realizes the American consulate plans to call the fake phone number on her application to confirm her employment. Velya's only solution is to endure a week in a small factory town to convince the authorities of her supposed job. She locates the cramped Soviet apartment on the other end of the line, overrun by a family preparing for the wedding of their son. The imperious mother refuses to lie for her, but Velya negotiates a solution: she can answer the phone during business hours as if she works at the factory. But Velya's presence soon upends both the family's and the town’s order, with potentially disastrous consequences for all.


Darya Zhuk
Darya Zhuk



Birgit Goernbock, Olga Goister, Debbie Vandermeulen, Valery Dmitrotchenko


Helga Landauer, Darya Zhuk

Director of Photography

Carolina Costa

Production designer

Andrei Tolstik


Oliver Achatz


Sergey Dmitrenko, Michal Leszczylowski


Alina Nassibulina, Ivan Mulin, Yury Borisov.

Production company(ies)

Demarsh-Film Crystal Goose TurnstyleTV Unfound Content Vice Films

Darya Zhuk

Darya Zhuk lived between US and her native Belarus since she was 16. She fell in love with filmmaking while studying Economics at Harvard University. She spent four and a half years thoroughly investigating the craft of filmmaking and received her Columbia MFA in Directing with honors in 2015. In 2018, she finished her debut feature Crystal Swan. Receiving multiple competitive government funds and private equity investments, including early support from Vice Films (US), Crystal Swan became one-of-a-kind co production between four countries Belarus-Russia-US-Germany.


Half-Life (2012, short), Wax (2013, short), Eat the Tourists (2014, short), What Doesn’t Kill You… (2015, short), American Girl (2015, short), Like a Dream (2016, doc.), Crystal Swan (2018).

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