Director Kostadin Bonev

Production year 2017

Length 86min.

Country Bulgaria/Armenia


Empires always end in bloodshed. The agony of the Ottoman Empire lasted for 25 years. A new country emerged in its place - Turkey. And there was no place in it for the Armenians! From the 3 million Armenians who lived under Sultan Abdülhamid II, the number has now dropped to 50,000. The Armenian journalist Hrant Dink called what happened a hundred years ago Uprooting and for his words he was gunned down in cold blood on an Istanbul street.


Kostadin Bonev
Kostadin Bonev



Kostadin Bonev, Aram Khatchatryan


Vladi Kirov

Director of Photography

Konstantin Zankov, Orlin Ruevski, Armen Aharonyan

Music by

Arto Tuncboyacian, Serj Tankian, Andre Simonian

Production company(ies)

Trivium Films Hayk Documentary Studio

Kostadin Bonev

Kostadin Bonev graduated from the Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia and studied theattre at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1980. He specialized further in film and TV direction under the guidance of Georgi Diulgerov at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1990. His film Letters to the Underworld won two prizes in Varna and a Prize for the Best Film in St. Petersburg in 1995. The critics gave Special Awards to Under a Cloud and The Patience of a Stone at the Golden Rhyton Festival in Plovdiv. The latter film was awarded the Silver Vityaz in Kiev.


Dreams’ Hunters (1991), Letters to the Underground (1994), The Temple’s Spirit (1995), Divine Service (1996), Underneath the Cloud (1997), Patience of the Stone (1998), 1934 (1999), Warming up Yesterday’s Lunch (2002), The Ships Are Full (2005), War Correspondent (2008), Europolis – The Town of the Delta (2010), Classification of the Memories (2010), Vaptsarov, Five Stories About an Execution (2013), The Sinking of Sozopol (2014), Uprooting (2017).

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