Director Robert Deranian

Production year 2018

Length 91min.

Country USA


Do we dare look back at memories so terrible that remembering may threaten the life we know today? Such is the story of the film Tabu, where two college students, David an Armenian and Leyla a Turk, dare their fate to forbidden love and the horror of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. To look back at those days most certainly will not be easy and will trigger events that are as yet unforeseeable for David and Leyla. There is no choice, as events out of their control relentlessly push them forward to a recollection avoided for 100 years.


Robert Deranian
Robert Deranian



Robert Deranian


Robert Deranian

Director of Photography

Ramón Rosario

Production designer

Jonathan Dewberry

Music by

Tasos Eliopoulos


Jon Miller


Rob David


Jacob Waldron, Surrah Derleth, Anthony Belevtsov.

Production company(ies)

Salient Clear LLC

Robert Deranian

He is a professor of Cinematic Arts at Keiser University – Flagship campus. He has significant film experience as a writer, director, and producer of films, both narrative and documentary (short form, long form, corporate). Robert Deranian brings his extensive background in science/engineering (holds a PhD - specializing in artificial intelligence and plasma physics) to make films that are both entertaining and enlightening. Beyond writing, directing, and producing, Robert is also an Editor. Deranian has also worn many other hats on and off set, including budget, scheduling, locations, and production design, all of which reflecting his ardent passion for making films.


Singularity Principle (2013), Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas (2014), The Second Law (2016), Tabu (2018).

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