Joan and the Voices
Joan and the Voices

Joan and the Voices

Director Mikayel Vatinyan

Production year 2011

Length 67min.

Country Armenia


Post-war Armenia. Joan starts a journey traveling all over the country. Through the authentic nature, the people she meets on her way, the voices and sounds she listens to, Joan finds herself longing to perceive the world anew after the war. While she is looking for the person whose voice had called her to him.



Mikayel Vatinyan
Mikayel Vatinyan



Armine Anda


Mikayel Vatinyan, Armine Anda

Director of Photography

Tammam Hamza

Music by

Arthur Manukyan


Paruir Baghyan


Tammam Hamza, Arthur Petrosyan


Armine Anda, Mikayel Vatinyan

Production company(ies)

Hoshkee Film address: 6-24 Orbeli str. tel.: 374-10-27-39-35 e-mail:,,

Mikayel Vatinyan

Studied directing at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. He has worked in experimental theatre having the parts in the works by Servantes, Chekhov, Bulgakov, and Anouilh. In 2000 he co-founded the theatre “IO” directing the trilogy entitled IO, IOzart, and Suitcase upon his own dramaturgy. These plays participated in international festivals and received various prizes. Mikayel Vatinyan worked as an actor in films. His animated short film Bojo also received awards. Joan and the Voices, his first feature film project received Goteborg IFF Fund Award in Asian Project Market (former PPP). Later it received development and postproduction grants from GIFFF. The film had its world premiere in World cinema competition of Busan IFF.


Bojo (2007), Joan and the Voices (2011).

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