Director Özcan Alper

Production year 2008

Length 106min.

Country Turkey / Germany


An intricately woven inner journey covering the enduring past, the fleeting present and the lack of a promising future. But despite it all, it is the hope for change, which once drove, and still drives, the characters to firmly cling to their lives. Such is Yusuf: in 1997 he was a politically active left-wing student; and in 2007, he was a disillusioned misfit. After a decade of imprisonment for a lost cause, he returns to his native village in the eastern Black Sea region. His widowed mother is more than happy to welcome him, but the overbearingly beautiful mountains of his homeland only deepen his self-doubt and isolation. One day, meandering in a tavern with his childhood friend, Yusuf encounters a similarly wounded soul. She is the ethereal Eka, a Georgian prostitute who yearns for the day she can reunite with her daughter across the border. These kindred spirits will help each other to confront their darkest fears.


Özcan Alper
Özcan Alper



Feyzullah Serkan Acar, Kadir Sözen


Özcan Alper

Director of Photography

Feza Çaldiran

Production designer

Canan Çayir

Music by

Yuri Ryadchenko, Aysenur Kolivar, Sumru Agiryuruyen, Onok Bozkurt


Mohammed Mokhtary


Adnan Elial


Onur Saylak, Raife Yenigül, Megi Kobaladze, Serkan Keskin, Nino Lejava, Sibel Öz, Cihan Çamkerten, Serhan Pirpir, Yasar Güven.

Production company(ies)

Kuzey Film Production¬

Özcan Alper

Turkish director and screenwriter of Armenian descent. He studied Physics and History of Science at Istanbul University. He participated in cinema workshops in Mesopotamia Culture Center and Nazım Culture House between 1996-2000. Since 1997 he has been working as assistant director and production manager on a variety of productions. He directed short fiction and documentaries. His feature debut, Autumn, won awards at Locarno, Tbilisi, Sofia, Ankara IFF, as well Jury Special Prize and FIPRESCI Prize at Yerevan Golden Apricot IFF.


Momi (2001), Voyage in the Time with a Scientist (2004), Rhapsody and Melancholy in Tokai City (2005), Autumn (2008), Future Lasts Forever (2011).

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