Director Stas Namin

Production year 2017

Length 45min.

Country Russia


At fourteen, Stas Namin came to Armenia. He briefly visited that part of the world several times afterwards. But a few years ago, on an invitation from his friend, Ruben Vardanyan, Namin went on a long journey across Armenia. He saw familiar places: Yerevan, the Garni Gorge, the monasteries of Geghard and Etchmiadzin. Then, he headed for the Khor Virap Monastery, built over the underground dungeon where Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for nearly fourteen years in the third century; the town of Alaverdi and the ancient Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries, the coast of Sevan and Artsakh. Throughout his journey, Namin saw a great number of ancient Christian churches. In total, Namin travelled over two thousand kilometres on his journey. He was filming it, which inspired him to make his documentary, Ancient Churches of Armenia.


Stas Namin
Stas Namin



Aris Kazinian

Director of Photography

Artem Mikoyan


Igor Klimenkov


Maxim Ryazantsev, Artem Mikoyan, Andrei Pankratov

Production company(ies)

The Stas Namin Centre

Stas Namin

Stas Namin is a cult figure in Russia. A pioneer of the Russian rock music, he is the founding member and leader of Tsvety, an iconic band who sold over 60 million records in the USSR and Eastern Europe within half a century. He wrote many popular Russian songs. Namin established SNC, the first independent production company in his country that launched many successful music acts. He organised the first pop and rock festivals in Russia, such as the Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989), featuring some of the leading bands from the West, the One World Festival and the Rock from the Kremlin. As a theatrical director and producer, Namin has staged plays in the theatre that he founded in 1999. Namin recorded a double album of ethnic music, One World Music Freedom, with musicians from India, Armenia, Israel, Palestine, the United Kingdom, Africa, etc. As a photographer, Namin has long been acclaimed in Russia and abroad. The State Russian Museum brought out his first album of photographs in 2001 as well as a recently completed 15-year photo project The Magic of Venus, on the phenomenon of human birth. Over the past 15 years, Namin paints and does graphic art. His works were exhibited at galleries and museums in Russia. In 2014, Namin became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.


Magical India (2012), The Real Cuba (Co-dir.: Stas Namin, 2016), Free to Rock (Co-dir.: Stas Namin, 2017), Ancient Churches of Armenia (2017).

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