Why Is Mr W. Laughing?
Why Is Mr W. Laughing?

Why Is Mr W. Laughing?

Director Jana Papenbroock

Production year 2017

Length 76min.

Country Germany


Mr W. is a man who loves to laugh. He and his friends Mr K. and Mr G. Are members of a community project of artists with different disabilities. What seems like a utopian society where artists support each other and cooperate instead of compete, works subversively serene in practice.


Jana Papenbroock
Jana Papenbroock



Frank Papenbroock, Jana Papenbroock


Jana Papenbroock

Director of Photography

Thomas Oswald, Bernhard Krebs, Horst Wässle, Michael Gerdsmann

Music by

Michael Gerdsmann, Geert Chatrou, Julia Holter, Jason Grier


Julian Rambow, Miguel Murrieta Vasquez, Simone Weber, Stephan Konken


Lena Hatebur, Jana Papenbroock


Bernhard Krebs, Horst Wässle, Michael Gerdsmann

Production company(ies)

Papenbroock Film janapapenbroock@gmail.com

Jana Papenbroock

Jana Papenbroock studied art and film in Hamburg, Paris and Cologne where she completed her diploma at the Academy of Media Arts in 2010. Since then she has been working as a freelance author and filmmaker based in Berlin. Her videos and films have been shown in galleries and festivals internationally. Why Is Mr W. Laughing? is her documentary feature debut.


Sirenen (2010), Was Keiner Weiß (2010), My Mystical Self (2011), Flash Frames (2012), The Movement of the Planets (2014), Sun Swallow (2014), Künstler von Unten (2017), Why is Mr W. Laughing? (2017).

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