Walking Spark
Walking Spark

Walking Spark

Director Marcin Kopeć

Production year 2016

Length 51min.

Country Poland


Piotr is a former member of Warsaw mafia, who decides to make a new start in life as of his release from prison. But in his case, turning over a new leaf is not easy. He comes across Magda, a visual artist who, touched by Piotr\\\'s tragic story, decides to create a stop-motion animation about his life. During that time, Piotr takes up his first legal job as hospice assistant. Thanks to the warm atmosphere of Magda\\\'s home and work with helpless elderly people, he gains an opportunity for a new beginning and a deep transformation. But will he be able to seize it?


Marcin Kopeć
Marcin Kopeć



Dawid Janicki, Joanna Szymańska


Marcin Kopeć

Director of Photography

Filip Drożdż


Dariusz Wancerz


Daniel Gąsiorowski


Piotr Mudyn, Magda Kara - Sajek.

Production company(ies)

SHIPsBOY ul. Bukowińska 30/7, 02-703 Warszawa szymanska@shipsboy.com

Marcin Kopeć

Marcin Kopeć graduated Philosophy at Gdańsk University, Photography at School of Photography in Sopot and DOK PRO Programme in Wajda School. He also attended numerous theatrical workshops as well as workshops in screenwriting and directing. Marcin Kopeć directed a short documentary entitled 6 Films about Love and awarded documentary 100 Meters from the Castle. He also directs music videos and commercials. Walking Spark is his festival debut.


6 Films about Love (2015 ), 100 Meters from the Castle (2016), Walking Spark (2016), Jest jak jest - mam wybór (2017), Wartime Portraits (2017).

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