Director Ara Mnatsakanyan

Production year 2017

Length 65min.

Country Armenia


On March 15, 1921, Soghomon Tehlirian assassinated one of the organizers of the Armenian genocide, the former Minister of the Internal affairs of Turkey, Talaat Pasha on Hardenberg Street, in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. On June 2, 1921, the Moabit Court examined Tehlirian's case and found him innocent. The main subject of the current film is one of the regular performances of the project I Am Not a Murdurer, performed in a cultural center in Berlin. The viewers of the film together with the audience present in the hall, are able to follow the trial with all its stages: the examinations of the accused and the witnesses, the speeches of the fanciers, the public prosecutor's condemnatory oration, the advocates' defensive speeches... For the film viewers all this is periodically interrupted with interviews to make it easier to understand the essence and scale of what happened about a century ago.


Ara Mnatsakanyan
Ara Mnatsakanyan



Shushanik Mirzakhanyan, Ara Mnatsakanyan


Ara Mnatsakanyan

Director of Photography

Ashot Mkrtchvan

Music by

Avet Terteryan


Vahan Bakunts


Ara Mkrtchvan

Production company(ies)

Production Companies Hayk Documentary Film Studio G. Chaush 50, Yerevan, Armenia

Ara Mnatsakanyan

In 1970, Ara Mnatsakanyan graduated from the Physics Department of Yerevan State University. In 1984, he graduated from the Moscow All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Since 1984, he works in Hayk Documentary Film Studio.


Magician (1985), When Will You Come? (1985), The Seed of Creation (1986), Abundance (1987), Masters of Artsakh (1988), Awoken Bell (1989), Artsakh Diary (1992), Message to Son (1993), Olympiad-32 (1997), Sos Sargsyan (2000), Chnchik (2011), Monologue (2012), Trial (2017).

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