Those from the Shore
Those from the Shore

Those from the Shore

Director Tamara Stepanyan

Production year 2016

Length 84min.

Country France/Armenia/Lebanon


Marseille, 2014. Dozens of Armenian asylum seekers trying to survive while waiting for their application to be considered. They left behind them a country whose people have settled around the world for over a hundred years ... A country all described as desert, abandoned by its inhabitants, emptied of its life. Forced stillness, impotence, they live in an in-between space: between two countries, between two lives. In a time and abstract space, made of nothing, where their life escapes them completely. By the shore, they float in limbo.


Tamara Stepanyan
Tamara Stepanyan



Natalie Combe


Tamara Stepanyan, Jean-Christophe Ferrari

Director of Photography

Tammam Hamza, Tamara Stepanyan

Music by

Charles Ives


Frederic Maury, Jean-Marc Schick


Olivier Ferrari

Production company(ies)

Production Company Cosmographe Productions 7 Rue Alexandre Cabanel, Montpellier, France

Tamara Stepanyan

Born in Yerevan. During the breakdown of the Soviet Union, she moved to Lebanon with her parents in 1994. After studying and working in Lebanon she moved to France to pursue her career in filmmaking. Stepanyan made a number of award winning films, and participated in film workshops in South Korea (Asian Film Academy as part of Busan IFF in 2007) and in Denmark (an exchange program in Den Danske Filmskole in 2012).


Manuelig (2003), The Needle (2004) The Last Station (2005), Little Stones (2010, doc.), February 19 (2011), Embers (2012, doc.), Those from the Shore (2016, doc.).

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