Strokes of Light
Strokes of Light

Strokes of Light

Director Vahe Khachatryan

Production year 2016

Length 57min.

Country USA


The film tries to discover the way of success of talented Armenian-American artist and educator Norik Dilanchyan. Many issues raised in film are typical for emigrant artists, who live among inner fighting between modern waves of new society and own identity.


Vahe Khachatryan
Vahe Khachatryan



Zaven Krkasharyan


Vahe Khachatryan

Director of Photography

Artyom Ghazanchyan

Production designer

Narek Dilanchyan

Music by

Vahe Khachatryan


Vahe Khachatryan

Vahe Khachatryan

In 1968-80, Vahe Khachatryan studied in Yerevan Chaykovski Special Musical School. In 1980-85 he studied in Armenian State Conservatory as a composer. In 1985-94 he worked in Armenian State TV as a director. Since 2000 Vahe Khachatryan lives in California, USA.


Khataballada (1997), Yerevan Blues (1998), Deluson (1998), Gang (1999), Reincarnation (1999), The Day of Darkness (2000), Beyond the Law (2003), Spider Web (2005), Light & Shadow (2005, doc.), Destiny Passion for Perfection (2006, doc.), Taxi Eli Lav A (2008, segment), Welcome Papa (2009), The Revenge of Madam Duran (2013), Under Lines (2016, doc.), Pictorial Poetry (2016 doc), Avo (2016, doc.), Strokes of Light (2016, doc.).

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