Director Panos Aprahamian

Production year 2016

Length 28min.

Country Lebanon


A love letter to Anjar, a small town in rural Lebanon, only a few miles from the Syrian border and largely inhabited by ethnic Armenians. This ethnoreligious minority settled there in the late 1930’s fleeing possible persecution, as they found themselves once again under Turkish rule at the start of another world war – roughly two decades after the Armenian Genocide of World War I. The film explores the everyday, and the uncanny, in an attempt to capture the fleeting traits of this secluded border community in transformation, and to channel the underlying sense of apprehension caused by the neighbouring war and the resulting refugee influx.


Panos Aprahamian
Panos Aprahamian



Sebouh Aprahamian, Panos Aprahamian


Panos Aprahamian

Director of Photography

Jad Youssef

Production designer

Jad Youssef

Music by

Mohammad Safa, Rami El Murr


Jad Taleb


Jad Dani Ali Hassan, Panos Aprahamian

Production company(ies)

Panos Aprahamian Adana St., Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon

Panos Aprahamian

Panos Aprahamian is a filmmaker and writer who works and resides in Beirut. He holds an MA in Documentary Film from the University of the Arts London and a BA from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. Panos Aprahamian was a Video Works fellow at Ashkal Alwan in 2016 and is currently a cinema grantee from the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture. His works have been showcased at various festivals and forums in Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.


Bashir Was to Them What Bowie Was to Me (2009, video), The World Today (2010, video), Beirut to Nowhere (2014, short,) A Premature Eulogy (2015, short), Talk to You (2016, video,) Stranger (2016, short).

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