Six Musicians and the City
Six Musicians and the City

Six Musicians and the City

Director Tatiana Daniliyants

Production year 2016

Length 73min.

Country Russia/Armenia


Between East and West, between bloody wars and blossoming gardens, between nostalgic music of duduk and modernistic jazz, there lies one of the oldest cities in the world: its name is Yerevan. Like the others, Yerevan has passed through the tests  of the 20th century and lives according to its own music and rhythm. Six musicians-- among them multiple Grammy Award Laureate Arto Tuncboyacijan and Jivan Gasparyan, the man who celebrated the ''voice'' of  duduk throughout the world-- genii loci of Yerevan talk and sing  about their city,  revealing its  pain and  its beauty.


Tatiana Daniliyants
Tatiana Daniliyants



Artem Konstandian, Tatiana Daniliyants


Tatiana Daniliyants

Director of Photography

Sargis Kharazyan, Sargis Tuyanyan


Harutyun Mangasaryan, Lilith Gulyan


Kirill Lunkin, Tatiana Daniliyants


Jivan Gasparyan, Lilith Pipoyan, Malkhas (Levon Malkhasyan), Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Forsh, Michael Voskanyan

Production company(ies)

Butterfly Angel Film

Tatiana Daniliyants

Tatiana Daniliyants was graduated as a Master of Fine Art at the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts named after Vasily Surikov in 1994 and Higher Courses of Film Directing and Scriptwriting (Department of Directing) in Moscow in 2004. She passed master class of Polish film director Andzej Waida in Cracow, Poland in 1997. In 1997, she worked as an assistance of independent Belgian filmmaker Boris Lehman. Since 1998, Tatiana Daniliyants worked as journalist and film director on several state and private TV channels in Russia and also as a creative consultant in international advertising companies (Grey WorldWide, etc.). In 2001, Tatiana Daniliyants established with partners the Butterfly Angel Film Company, which is specialized in producing films with strong accent on culture and society. Daniliyants is also a visual artist and poet, author of numerous exhibitions in Russia, Europe and USA, participant of Moscow Biennale of Modern Art. Three books of her poetry were published in Russia and four books outside of Russia in translation. Since 2010, Tatiana Daniliyants is a Master/Professor of film directing in School of Visual Art belong by the Centre of Contemporary Art.


Old Negatives (1997), U (2001, short), Frescoes of Dreams (2006, short), Hidden Garden (2008, doc.), Venice Afloat (2012, doc.), Remembering Sergei Parajanov. Venetian talks (2015, doc.), Six Musicians and the City (2016, doc.).

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