Director Hugh Hudson

Production year 1985

Length 124min.

Country UK


Fur trapper Tom Dobb unwillingly participates in the American Revolutionary War after his son Ned is drafted into the Army. Later, his son is captured by the British, and taken by the strict Sergeant Major Peasy. Dobb attempts to find him, and along the way, becomes convinced that he must help fight for the freedom of the Colonies, alongside the disgraced & idealistic aristocrat Daisy McConnahay.


Hugh Hudson
Hugh Hudson



Irwin Winkler


Robert Dillon

Director of Photography

Bernard Lutic

Production designer

Assheton Gorton, John Bunker, Malcolm Middleton

Music by

John Corigliano


Michael A. Carter


Stuart Baird


Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Dexter Fletcher, Sid Owen, Joan Plowright, Dave King, Steven Berkoff, John Wells, Annie Lennox.

Production company(ies)

Goldcrest Films

Hugh Hudson

Anglo-Scottish film director-producer-writer, Hugh Hudson began his career as a filmmaker in documentaries, producing and directing many award winning films. Opera director in Germany 2016. His films include: Fangio (1975), Chariots of Fire (1981, 4 Oscars including Best Picture, BAFTA - Best Picture), Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984, 4 Oscar Nominations), Revolution (1985), Lost Angels (1989, nominated for Cannes Palme d’Or), My Life So Far (1999), I Dreamed of Africa (2000, Closing Film Cannes), Rupture (2011, 70 minute doc. for BBC4) Altamira (2016).


A... Is for Apple (1963, short), Design for Today (1965, doc.), The Tortoise and the Hare (1967, short), Irresistible (1971), 12 Squadron Buccaneers (1978, doc.), Fangio: Una vita a 300 all'ora (1980, doc) Chariots of Fire (1981), Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), Revolution (1985), Lost Angels (1989), The King of Ads (1991, doc.), Lumière and Company (1995, segment), My Life So Far (1999), I Dreamed of Africa (2000), Rupture: A Matter of Life or Death (2011, doc.), Finding Altamira (2016).

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