Portrait of the Fate
Portrait of the Fate

Portrait of the Fate

Director Garik Mashkaryan

Production year 2017

Length 26min.

Country Armenia


What is the fate? What is success? Maybe money, fate, beloved one, work, devoted friends, loving children? Maybe success is about freedom both in creative work and in one’s mind set? When can you state that you made it? He was the disciple of Ruben Simonov and Mikhail Romm. He was the author of such iconic films as The Song of First Love and Khatabala. He had a chance to work with such talented people as Minas Avetisyan, Robert Elibekyan, Tigran Mansuryan and others. His works educated a generation of talented filmmakers. We made an attempt to scrutinize the traits of the artist, find answers to many questions, restore already invisible aspects of his personality, to see Yuri Yerznkyan the artist through frost-mist that with which time covers the images of descanted giants.


Garik Mashkaryan
Garik Mashkaryan



Lilit Martirosyan


Garik Mashkaryan

Director of Photography

Vahe Terteryan


Harut Kotanjyan


Arsen Zatikyan

Production company(ies)

Contact Media LLC

Garik Mashkaryan

In 1990, Garik Mashkaryan graduated from Yerevan State Polytechnic Institute with a specialization in Engineering. From 1989 to 1991, he studied in Yerevan State Chamber Theatre. From 1995 to 2000, he worked at one of the local advertizing agencies as a director. He is the author of a number of documentary films about the representatives of Armenian culture. He has also directed music videos for Aramo and Emma Petrosyan. From 2005 to 2006, he was the principal director at Yerkir Media TV Channel, creating a number of TV programs. In 2011, Garik Mashkaryan was working on 3 TV series simultaneously: Forgive me, Provocation, Secrets of Edem and later on he was actively engaged in the creation of documentaries and TV series for various TV channels.


The Bride from Jermuk (Co-Dir.: Suren Babayan, 1997), The Honorable Beggars (1998), Sunday Visitor (2001), Yerevan Jan (2003), Pomegranate (2004, doc.), The Path to Victory (2007, doc.), Martin Vardazaryan (2007, doc.), Our Mayor (2007, doc.), The History of Armenian Jazz (2008, doc.), Spartacus (2008, doc.), Exhortation (2008, doc.), Taxi Eli Lav A (segment, 2008), Stoned Melody (2009, doc.), Forgive Me Life Environment (2011, short), Tatevik Hovhannisyan (2015, doc.), Tigran Hekekyan (2015, doc.), In the Footsteps of Folk Music (2016, doc.), Handwriting that Creates Perception (2016, doc.), Portrait of the Fate (2017, doc.).

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