Director Marie Dumora

Production year 2017

Length 107min.

Country France


Belinda is 9. Not the easily intimidated type. She loves life, she loves snow, ice to slide on, the children’s home where she lives with her sister. Her sister whom she loves even more than the rest. The authorities part them. So the sisters run away, crossing forests at night to reunite. Belinda is 15. Not the type to work in a shoe shop. In mechanics at a pinch. She lives with her mother and is about to become godmother to Nicolas, her sister’s son. Belinda is 23. She lives with her father, Frantz. She still loves dresses, high-heeled shoes and wearing her hair in a chignon. But, more than anything, she loves Thierry, his blue eyes and his accent from the Vosges mountains. She is there to meet him when he is released from jail. They want to get married so that nothing will ever part them again. But...


Marie Dumora
Marie Dumora



Laurent Lavolé, Serge Lalou, Patrick Winocour, Juliette Guigon, David Danesi


Marie Dumora

Director of Photography

Marie Dumora


Aline Huber, Martin Sadoux, Nathalie Vidal


Catherine Gouze

Production company(ies)

Gloria Films 28 avenue des villas 1060 Bruxelles Les Films d'Ici Quark Productions Digital District

Marie Dumora

Marie Dumora made a first comic documentary in a sand pit around minor tragedies involving buckets and spades, then a second film in the small administrative office where people abandoned at birth came to discover their past. She films everything herself. All her films are shot just a few kilometres from each other in eastern France. She thus creates a cinematic terrain where the character of one film leads to the next like Ariane’s thread. A first trilogy on children placed in care at 9, and then at 15. A film on the boys failing their vocational diploma in woodwork with a great deal of elegance, then one on the girls who baptise a child and meet a handsome gypsy from the other side of the tracks. Then, another cycle across those tracks with the gypsies, scrap dealers and virtuoso musicians. And now a return to the children of the past with Belinda 10 years later. Her films, now shot for the big screen, have won awards or have been screened in various festivals (Best Documentary at the FID in Marseille; Award at the IFF Cinéma du Réel, Paris; Entrevues Belfort IFF, Amiens; Documenta Madrid, etc.).


Burg Square Is Ace (1997), After the Rain (1998), You’re Not an Angel (2000), With or without You (2002), Take Me Away (2004), The Place (2012), Forbach Forever (2016), Belinda (2017).

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