Arto 1/2
Arto 1/2

Arto 1/2

Director Armen Ronov

Production year 2017

Length 24min.

Country Armenia


A childhood full of hardship; precocious work, loss of his brother...Turkey, USA, Armenia, Artsakh,  children... Battle against racism, as well as  unmatched talent, brilliant career : recording of albums, film music, videos and... a genuine revolution in music. Here is Arto Tunjboyajyan, one of the world's jazz,  vanguard-folk leaders, а renowned vocalist, composer,  charismatic and multi-genre  singer. Pure-hearted and innocent like a child, Arto is  always clear  and pure like pristine waters  of his  native land. Under the control of  his  clear views, time seems to be twisting around him and taking  refuge deep in his eyes, where the faraway future is  so close-right in the  human's  pupil. The urban unecology becomes ecology not by miracle; it's a sheer reality:  songs and verses , dances and little games make gardens green, our own  parks and groves  are filled with ourselves. Around the elders sitting on the benches, children are playing  in sands; walls of buidings are rose, and from the open window one can hear the radio voice asking somebody, ''Do you want to know what's the weather in London?''  We hear a scream of a newborn baby; Arto became  a grandpa...


Armen Ronov
Armen Ronov



Karen Ghazaryan


Armen Ronov

Director of Photography

Armen Ronov

Music by

Arto Tunjboyajyan

Production company(ies)

Sharm Holding

Armen Ronov

A honourable member of the Artists' Union of Armenia, as well as a member of Russia’s and UNESCO's Professional Artists’ Unions. He is a memeber of Cinematographers’ Confederation, member of Armenia’s Cinematographers’ and Armenia's Theater workers’ Unions. In 1986, Armen Ronov graduated from the School of Art named after Hakob Kojoyan in Yerevan. In 1996, he studied at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography. In 1999, he enterd the cinema world with his debut documentary film Behold, a Virgin, for which he served as production designer, screenwriter and director. Ronov conceived the movie genre called Ratio of the free antilogics, which is based on expression of an imaginary world, in conjunction with the elements of animation and artistic interpretation. In 2006, he made his debut feature Poprishchin. The film was credited by national and international festivals with being monocinematography. Distinguished characteristics of Ronov's works are: associative editing, colorfulness and reflection of the dreamy and spiritual atmosphere.


Behold, a Virgin (1999), Ghost (2001), Homily-8/34 (2001), Carlos (2003), Gregory (2004), Nareg Antabian (2005), Varuzhan Vardanyan (2005), Shadows (2006),, Hakob Hakobyan (2006), Poprishchin (2006), Felix (2006), The Face (2007), Speranza (2007), Anna Karenina (2008), Kamancha (2008), Poems (2009), Prince of Genius (2009), Kanоn (2009), Passion of Gregory (2010), Van Khachatur (2010), Armenian of Cesena (2011), Burning Bush Friendship (2011), Your Pain Is Mine (2012), My Little Prince (2012), Winter Apple (2013), Dumb Son’s Fable (2013), Arto ½ (2017).

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