Director Branko Schmidt

Production year 2015

Length 90min.

Country Croatia


Determined to move on with their life violently interrupted by war several years ago, an elderly couple returns to their restored home. We follow their everyday life through the four seasons. Every day She becomes more absent and lost. Instead of helping her, He acts brutishly, sometimes even cruelly, towards his wife. However, the realisation that something is wrong with Her will make Him question his behaviour and values.


Branko Schmidt
Branko Schmidt



Goran Radman


Josip Mlakic

Director of Photography

Dragan Ruljančić

Production designer

Ivana Škrabalo

Music by

Zvonimir Poljak


Ognjen Popić


Vesna Lažeta, Hrvoje Mršić


Nada Đurevska, Ivo Gregurević, Goran Bogdan

Production company(ies)

Croatian Radio Television

Branko Schmidt

Branko Schmidtstudied economics before graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb with a degree in film and TV directing. In 1988, he directed his first feature film Sokol Did Not Like Him, adapted from the play by Fabijan Šovagović, and won the Debutant of the Year Award at the Pula Film Festival. Throughout his career, Schmidt has directed plays, documentary films and children’s television series. His feature film The Melon Route (2006) won numerous awards in Croatia, Grand Prix Golden Antigone for Best Score at the Montpellier IMMF, and was well received at film festivals around the world. Schmidt’s feature film Metastases (2009), adapted from the novel by Ivo Balenović, was also awarded with three Golden Arenas (Best Film, Best Actor, Best Make-Up) and was well received at film festivals around the world.


Sokol Did Not Love Him (1988), Đuka Begović (1991), Vukovar: The Way Home (1994), Christmas in Vienna (1997), The Old Oak Blues (2000), Queen of the Night (2001), The Melon Route (2006), Metastases (2009), Vegetarian Cannibal (2012), Ungiven (2015).

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