Under The Sun
Under The Sun

Under The Sun

Director Vitaly Mansky

Production year 2015

Length 106min.

Country Russia/Latvia/Germany/Czech Republic/North Korea


This is a film about the ideal life in an ideal country - North Korea. We see a girl in an ideal school, the daughter of ideal parents, working at ideal factories, living in an ideal apartment in the center of the capital. We can see how much effort the North Korean people have to undertake to make this ideal world work. The girl is being prepared to enter the children’s union to be a part of the ideal society, living in the eternal rays of the sun, the symbol of the great leader of the people, Kim Il-sung.


Vitaly Mansky
Vitaly Mansky



Natalya Manskaya, Simone Baumann, Filip Remunda


Vitaly Mansky

Director of Photography

Alexandra Ivanova, Mikhail Gorobchuk

Music by

Karlis Auzans


Evgeniya Lachina, Anrijs Krenbergs


Andrei Paperny

Production company(ies)

Vertov Real Cinema in co-production with Saxonia Entertainment, Hypermarket Film, MDR, Czech TV

Vitaly Mansky

He graduated from VGIK, Medinsky´s studio and became one of the most acclaimed contemporary Russian documentary filmmakers and producers. His first work in the world of cinematography appeared in 1989, and since that time he has shot more than 30 films which screened at festivals worldwide and were awarded several times. Since 1996, Mansky has been working for various TV channels in Russia, popularising documentary cinema on TV. In 1996, he also started a project that aims at archiving amateur private video files that were shot in the times of the former USSR from 30’s till 90’s of the ХХth century. He is the producer of the national award Lavrovaya Vetv (Laurel Branch), which is awarded for the best Russian documentary films. He is the president of the annual Moscow Documentary Film Festival ArtDokFest. He is still collaborating with various studios and television channels in Russia and abroad as an independent producer. Moved to Latvia in 2015.


Boomerang (1988), Post (1990), Lenin’s Body (1991), Cuts of a Recurrent War (1993), Bliss (1995), Private Chronicles. Monologue (1999), Gorbatchev. After the Empire(2001), Yeltsin. Another Life (2001),Putin. Leap Year (2001), Broadway. Black Sea (2002), Anatomy of T.A.T.U. (2003), Gagarin’s Pioneers (2005), Wild, Wild Beach (2006), Virginity (2008), /Dawn/Sunset. Dalai Lama XIV (2008), Beginning (2009), Nikolina Gora. Epilogue (2009), Motherland or Death (2011), Pipeline (2013), The Book (2014), Under the Sun (2015).

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