Two Remis, Two
Two Remis, Two

Two Remis, Two

Director Pierre Léon

Production year 2015

Length 66min.

Country France


At 30, with not much of a job, and too timid in love, Rémi is a little lost in life until the day he has to share it with his doppelgänger, another him, who is overbearing and not very nice. Which one is the real Rémi?


Pierre Léon
Pierre Léon



François Martin Saint Léon


Pierre Léon, Renaud Legrand

Director of Photography

Thomas Favel

Production designer

Renaud Legrand

Music by

Alexander Zekke


Rosalie Revoyre


Martial Salomon


Serge Bozon, Pascal Cervo, Luna Picoli-Truffaut

Production company(ies)

Ferris et Brockman 8 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75010 Paris

Pierre Léon

Born in Moscow in 1959, Pierre Léon moved to Paris in 1975. He directed Li per li (1994), as well as Octobre (2005), screened at Locarno in 2006 in the Play Forward section. The Idiot (2008), based on Dostoyevsky’s novel and Guillaume et les sortilèges (2007) selected for Locarno’s Concorso Cineasti del presente. In 2014, he signed Remains, also selected at Locarno.


Li per li Oncle (1994), Vania (1997), L’Adolescent (2000), Octobre (2005), Guillaume et les sortilèges (2007), L’Idiot (2008), Remains (2014. short), Deux Remi, Deus (2015).

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