The Man Who Saw Too Much
The Man Who Saw Too Much

The Man Who Saw Too Much

Director Trisha Ziff

Production year 2015

Length 90min.

Country Mexico


A film about fragility; a man obsessed with photographing the accident who discovered that the fate of others was his way of connecting to life. What happens when the image of the accident becomes the object of desire? Through the work of Metinides and his contemporaries we discover Mexico City through a narrative of crime scenes and accidents; and confront our own fascination with death, morbidity, rubbernecking though the Metinides Gaze.


Trisha Ziff
Trisha Ziff



Trisha Ziff, Alan Suárez


Trisha Ziff

Director of Photography

Felipe Pérez Burchard

Music by

Jacobo Lieberman


Yuri Laguna


Pedro G. García


Dan Gilroy, Michael Nyman, Enrique Metinides

Production company(ies)

Berlin 212

Trisha Ziff

Trisha Ziff was born in the UK but has lived and worked in Mexico and the US for the last twenty-five years. In 1981, she moved to the North of Ireland where she worked as an arts worker and founder of Derry Camerawork an organization dedicated to documenting the troubles. Returning to London in 1986, she was director of Network Photographers. In 1990, she left Britain for the Americas. Founding director of Citron Nueve Producciones a bicultural independent film company established in Mexico City (1994) and creator and Founder and director of 212 BERLIN (2007) Mexico City film and exhibition production company. Trisha Ziff is an authority on photography. A Guggenheim scholar, writer on photography, curator with various publications and educator. She has directed and produced 3 feature documentaries and 3 shorts and co-produced with colleagues in Mexico. She has received awards in Britain, Ireland, Mexico and the US for her work in photography and film and culture.


Chevolution (2008), The Mexican Suitcase (2011), The Man Who Saw Too Much (2015).

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