The Archipelago
The Archipelago

The Archipelago

Director Benjamin Huguet

Production year 2015

Length 40min.

Country UK


The Faroe Islands: a remote group of wildly beautiful islands, battered by the ever-changing weather patterns of the North Atlantic. It is a community in transition, connected to the modern world and its technology, yet also a place where people and nature are linked in ways they have been for generations. For centuries the Faroese have lived proudly off the natural resources that surround them – a pact between mankind and the wilderness based on balance and self-sustainability. True to their traditional customs, the modern Faroese continue to hunt the pilot whales. This non-commercial, but controversial practice has long been under the scrutiny of western society, and now the International NGO Sea Shepherd announces its biggest anti-whaling campaign to date. The clash between these two opposing ecological visions could well change the face of the archipelago forever.


Benjamin Huguet
Benjamin Huguet



Benjamin Huguet


Benjamin Huguet

Director of Photography

Benjamin Huguet

Music by

Antonio Nardi


Rob Malone


Neil Lenthall

Production company(ies)

Bishop House production - Unit 201, E2 9QH, 449 Bethnal Green Road, London, UK

Benjamin Huguet

Originating from France, Benjamin Huguet started making documentaries while studying at the EHESS Department of Visual Anthropology founded by Jean Rouch in Paris. Since 2013, he have been working in London as a freelance filmmaker and a camera operator. His films have been distinguished in major documentary film festivals & events around the world as well as being bought by international broadcaster such as France Television and Al Jazeera.


The Job Seeker (2013), Cornwall (2015), The Archipelago (2015).

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