Director Joseph Pitchhadze

Production year 2013

Length 132min.

Country Israel


Salah, an Israeli-Arab enterpreneur, strives to bring happiness to the children of the Arab sector in Israel by opening a new chain of sweet stores.  "The Firm", an Israeli corporation headed by Klausner that controls the Israeli sweets market, resents Salah for his former business move - taking control of the Israeli market for Turkish coffee. Klausner sees Salah's new business initiative as a real threat, not only a business one but also a cultural and political one, even a real challenge to Zionism itself. Disguised as a business struggle, the story reveals moral dilemmas and a cultural struggle: the Arab businessman trying to integrate in modern Israel against the dominant Zionist culture, while Salah's Russian wife, his French brother-in-law, his German partner and the German partner's French lover illustrate the fact that the struggle does not take place in a vacuum but in a complicated multinational reality. Sweets is a dark satire about greed and violence, unfulfilled desires, lost dreams and the presence of the past, a cinematic parable about a specific but universal conflict.


Joseph Pitchhadze
Joseph Pitchhadze



Dov Steuer, Joseph Pitchhadze, Ran Fridberg, Perry Kafri, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery


Joseph Pitchhadze, Dov Steuer

Director of Photography

Fred Kelemen

Music by

Boris Martzinovsky


Gil Toren, Yossi Appelbaum


Dov Steuer


Dov Steuer

Production company(ies)

Candy the Film Limited Partnership, Tel Aviv

Joseph Pitchhadze

Joseph Pitchhadze was born in Tbilisi and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1972. Graduate (B.F.A.) of the Department of Film & Television, Tel-Aviv University.


Besame Mucho (2000), Year Zero (2004), Sweets (2013).

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