Stony Paths
Stony Paths

Stony Paths

Director Arnaud Khayadjanian

Production year 2015

Length 60min.

Country France


Stony Paths  is the story of a walk across Anatolia. Arnaud Khayadjanian starts a trek in Turkey, on the land of his forefathers who survived the Armenian Genocide. Starting from a painting, from encounters and from accounts by his relatives, he goes on exploring the little known issue of the Righteous, all these anonymous people who saved lives in 1915.


Arnaud Khayadjanian
Arnaud Khayadjanian



Magali Chirouze, Arnaud Khayadjanian


Arnaud Khayadjanian

Director of Photography

Thomas Favel

Music by

Jack Bartman


François Bailly


Aurélie Jourdan

Production company(ies)

Adalios 14 Chemin de la Cambuse 07170 Lussas, France

Arnaud Khayadjanian

Arnaud Khayadjanian directed Lost Horizons in 2012, a short film screened and awarded in twenty-two international film festivals. In 2014, he adapted a French play into a short film entitled Bad Girl, which has been viewed more than one million times by streaming. Bad Girl has been selected in 15 international festivals including Oscar Qualifying Uppsala and it won both Vimeo Prize and Jury Prize in Sundance Channel Contest. In 2015, Arnaud Khayadjanian has released Stony Paths, a feature film documentary inspired by the story of his Armenian great-grandparents.


Lost Horizons (2012), Bad Girl (2014), Stony Paths (2015).

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