Samir in the Dust
Samir in the Dust

Samir in the Dust

Director Mohamed Ouzine

Production year 2015

Length 60min.

Country France/Algeria/Qatar


Samir in the Dust is the story of the aspirations and fears of a young Algerian smuggler who transports petrol by mule from his village to the Moroccan border.


Mohamed Ouzine
Mohamed Ouzine



Maud Martin


Mohamed Ouzine

Director of Photography

Mohamed Ouzine

Music by

Tatiana Paris


Pierre-Emmanuel Meriaud


Simon Leclère

Production company(ies)

L'image d'après, 41 rue Léon Boyer, 37000 Tours, France

Mohamed Ouzine

Mohamed Ouzine came to cinema by way of photography. His first film was centred around “sociological” theme: everyday life in a prison and the relationships between three women prisoners and their children in Une heure seulement (One Hour Only, 2001, Co-dir. with Vianney Lambert). He went on to film a community of evangelist Romas who set off on the roads of France in search of God, and caravan sites, in Caravane (2003). He then got caught up in the question of his own origins, which became the subject of a scenario for a narrative film called La guerre de Tarik (Tarik's War), before making Samir in the Dust.


One Hour Only (2001), Caravane (2003), Samir in the Dust (2015).

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