Salto Mortale
Salto Mortale

Salto Mortale

Director Borislav Kolev

Production year 2015

Length 80min.

Country Bulgaria


1988. Olympic Games, Seoul, South Korea. Bulgarian weightlifter Angel Guenchev wins Gold in the 67,5 kg weight category, far outstripping rival performances and setting astounding world records. After his last attempt Angel performs an exuberant backflip, which is immediately adopted as the unofficial emblem of the Olympics. Footage of this salto mortale dominates world television channels and news agencies. Media proclaim Angel Guenchev a hero of the Seoul Games. A mere day after his triumph, the champion – widely considered one of the biggest talents in the history of weightlifting – wakes up in the epicentre of a devastating doping scandal. And this is only the beginning of Angel’s journey through hell and back.


Borislav Kolev
Borislav Kolev



Maria Landova, Borislav Kolev


Borislav Kolev

Director of Photography

Plamen Gerasimov

Music by

Nikolay Ivanov


Alexander Simeonov


Miroslav Gaidoshik


Angel Guenchev, Ivan Abadjiev, Norair Nurikyan

Production company(ies)


Borislav Kolev

Borislav Kolev is a well-known Bulgarian filmmaker, with significant experience as screenwriter and script consultant before his directorial debut, the documentary film Stoichkov (2012), turned into an unprecedented box-office phenomenon. Screenings around the world and invitations to the most established festivals followed. Salto Mortale (2015) is Borislav Kolev's second full-length documentary which dwells again in the world of sports. His first narrative short is Christmas (2015).


Stoichkov (2012), Salto Mortale (2015), Christmas (2015).

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