Rhythm & Intervals
Rhythm & Intervals

Rhythm & Intervals

Director Comes Chahbazian

Production year 2016

Length 50min.

Country Belgium


Thrown into preparation for a prestigious international cello competition, 23 year old Sevak, a combat sport enthusiast, will live the experience with his body, his mind and his heart. It will make him a man and an artist.


Comes Chahbazian
Comes Chahbazian



Julien Contreau, Comes Chahbazian


Comes Chahbazian

Director of Photography

Comes Chahbazian


Jaouen Le Fur


Julien Contreau


Sevak Avanesyan, Claudio Bohórquez, Andy Schadenberg

Production company(ies)

Matière Première, Rue Bosquet 26, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Comes Chahbazian

Comes Chahbazian, father of Serli and Biayna, lives and works in Brussels. Self‐taught, he has written and directed two short fiction films: Untitled and Y.U.L., both filmed in New York in 2000. In 2002, Y.U.L. was screened at the Venice IFF. In 2006, he filmed in Yerevan a documentary, Down Here, which has been shown at several festivals, including Cinéma du Réel in Paris and Visions du Réel in Nyon. Rhythm & Intervals was filmed in Berlin in 2014 and is his most recent work. Its release is scheduled for 2016.


À Suivre (2001), Untitled (2002), Y.U.L. (2002), Ici-Bas (2010), Rhythm & Intervals (2016).

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