Leopard's Silence
Leopard's Silence

Leopard's Silence

Director Viken Armenian

Production year 2015

Length 42min.

Country France


The day after a party during which Mario danced all night as in a trance, Amine and Victor, find him dead in his bed. In that house lost in the middle of nowhere where they live with a group of friends, everything from then on seems to drift off into darkness in which all sorts of mutations are now made possible, as if diving into deep waters. And there the leopard looms up on the horizon.


Viken Armenian
Viken Armenian



Louise Hentgen


Viken Armenian

Director of Photography

Jonathan Ricquebourg

Music by

Julien Gester, Olivier Gonord


Anne Dupouy, Nina Maïni, Colin Favre-Bulle, Antoine Bailly


Vincent Tricon


Armande Boulanger, Idir Chender, Clément Giraud, Garance Mazureck, Roman Kané, Blandine Rinkel, Sophie Mihran, Alexis Langlois

Production company(ies)

Bobi Lux

Viken Armenian

Viken Armenian born in Beyrouth. Since 1989, he has lived in Paris. Viken studied Law and Philosophy. When he became director assistant he took part in the development of documentary flms. In 2006, he made an experimental flm Happy View, which dealt with the subliminal memory of the wars in Lebanon. In 2015, he directed his frst medium lenght flm, Leopard's Silence, premiered in Curtas Vila do Conde Festival. Viken regularly collaborates on the writing of scripts and is presently working on two projects for full lenght flms: Nadim Is a Ninja for which he received a grant from CNC, and Taymour and Yasmine.


Happy View (2006), Leopard's Silence (2015).

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