Good Morning
Good Morning

Good Morning

Director Anna Arevshatyan

Production year 2016

Length 104min.

Country Armenia


Sometimes the most important answers lie where the childhood memories clash with the disclosure and acceptance of oneself. Tangled up in his own self, Arshak is looking for the answers in his childhood memories. He's as close to the self-acceptance as to the running in circles. What will he choose? And how the memories from the 90s will define his life? This story is about a journalist who has entered into a professional conflict with the fawning and submissive administration of the TV channel he works for. Left without a job, he’s seized by the feeling of powerlessness and the sense of guilt before his family. His wife’s continuous persuasions to emigrate urge him to make a final decision. Such decision is not an easy one, so he has to confront his own ego; principles he’s been guided by throughout his life are ruined and the future is vague and uncertain. Feeling strong desire to see his father, he goes to а frontier village where his father lives. On the way to his paternal home he recounts his childhood memories of hard times during early 90s when Armenia was at war. Confrontation with his own past helps him to regain himself and make the right decision. 


Anna Arevshatyan
Anna Arevshatyan



Shushanik Arevshatyan


Sevada Grigoryan

Director of Photography

Pawel Dyllus

Production designer

Sedrak Velikodni


Artak Asiryan, Arman Parsamyan, Gevorg Shahnazaryan


Tigran Baghinyan


Arayik Darbinyan, Arsen Karapetyan, Ashot Chtchyan, Aren Soghoyan, Davit Gasparyan

Production company(ies)

Izyum Film Production

Anna Arevshatyan

Anna Arevshatyan graduated from Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, Department of Journalism in 2007. In 2010, she entered the High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (A. Surikova’s and V. Fokin’s workshop), Department of Directing, Moscow. Good Morning is her first feature-length fiction.


One day of Life (2009), The Umbrella (2011), Equilibrium (2011), VGIK (2011), Metagram (2012), One day of Life (2012), The Fly (2013), Good Morning (2016).

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