Don Juan
Don Juan

Don Juan

Director Jerzy Sladkowski

Production year 2015

Length 92min.

Country Sweden/Finland


In Don Juan, twenty-two year old Oleg doesn’t live up to his mother Marina’s idea of a real man. She thinks he’s an autistic loafer. He’s enrolled at the University of Nizhny Novgorod and is supposed to be watching online lectures, but his mother says all he actually does is hang around watching TV. Oleg doesn’t have any need for friendships, either. Don Juan raises questions about the distinction between introversion and autism. When will Oleg be allowed to be himself at last? Salvation eventually comes from an unexpected source. This tender, bittersweet tragicomedy about role-playing within both therapeutic theatre games and family dramas, and the interplay between them, is both subtle and aggressive, speaking volumes about the definitions of normality, abnormality and the dynamics of power and love.


Jerzy Sladkowski
Jerzy Sladkowski



Antonio Russo Merenda


Jerzy Sladkowski

Director of Photography

Wojciech Staron

Music by

Timo Hietala


Agnieszka Bojanowska, Jakub Sladkowski

Production company(ies)

Ginestra Film AB, Källängsvägen 61, 181 44 Lidingö, Sweden

Jerzy Sladkowski

Jerzy Sladkowski wasborn in Radom, Poland. In 1971, he got his Master’s degree in Classical Philology at the University of Torun, Poland. In 1973, he graduated from University of Warsaw (Poland) Institute of Journalism (Photo and TV department). From 1972-82, Sladkowski was reporter, producer and director for TVP (Polish television). From 1982, he emigrated to Sweden. From 1983 to present, he is freelancer for Swedish Television, the Swedish Film Institute, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian TV stations as well as Polish Television and the Polish Film Institute PISF. From 1993 to present, he regularly work with the Franco-German TV network Arte and the German ZDF. Jerzy Sladkowski produced and directed over 50 films, mainly documentaries, from worldwide locations, with a primary focus on the human condition. People facing dramatic changes, fighting for survival, as well as individuals just trying to live a decent life in an increasingly hardening environment, are the heroes of most films.


ABC (1985), C.C.C.C. (1986), Love Night (1990), Children of Tundra (1994), Nobel Virgins (2002), My American Family (2004), Best Friends (2006), Paradise (2007), Crime Diary (2008), Vodka Factory (2010), Don Juan (2015).

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