Director Marcos Prado

Production year 2016

Length 100min.

Country Brazil


In July of 2012, ten years after being on the death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking, Marco Archer “Curumim”, invited the director, Marcos Prado, to make a film about his life. Curumim didn’t want to be remembered only as the first Brazilian to be executed by a firing squad. The film offers an intimate journey through the life of a bold, charismatic and irreverent man who regretted his own choices, and needed desperately to perpetuate its existence.


Marcos Prado
Marcos Prado



Marcos Prado, José Padilha


Marcos Prado

Director of Photography

Marcos Prado

Music by

Thomaz Prado, Celso Frazen Jr.


Guido Pera, Vitor Portes


Alexandre Lima

Production company(ies)

Zazen Produções, Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 20 - Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro - EJ - Brazil 22460-020

Marcos Prado

Marcos Prado is a founding partner of Zazen Produções. Director of Estamira (2004), and Artificial Paradises (2012) Marcos produced the fiction feature Elite Squad - The Enemy Within (2010), Brazil's largest public film in the history of Brazilian cinema. Marcos Prado also produced Elite Squad, winner of Golden Bear in 2008. In 2006, his movie Estamira was the documentary with the largest audience in movie theaters in Brazil. It also won 33 national and international best documentary awards in the prestigious festivals such as Marseille, Karlovy Vary, Havana, Toulouse, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and others. In 2002, Marcos Prado produced the awarded winning Bus 174.


Estamira (2004), Artificial Paradises (2012), Curumim (2016).

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