Anna's Life
Anna's Life

Anna's Life

Director Nino Basilia

Production year 2016

Length 108min.

Country Georgia


Young single mother decides to go to America to improve the living conditions for herself and her autistic child. Anna takes a risk, sells her house, and gives the money to a man who promises to get her an illegal visa from the Embassy. The man appears to be a swindler and decides to use Anna's money to take his own family abroad. Having lost all hope of getting her money back from the swindler, she kidnaps his 6-year old daughte


Nino Basilia
Nino Basilia



Janna Karine Sardlishvili


Nino Basilia

Director of Photography

Tato Kotetishvili

Music by

Scratch the Floor


Beso Kacharava


Niko Tarielashvili


Ekaterine Demetradze, Lasha Murjineli, Lamzira Chckaidze, Lili Okroshidze

Production company(ies)

Studio 99 43/13 Tician Tabidze Str., Tbilisi Tel.: +995 591 814447 E-mail:

Nino Basilia

Nino Basilia,born in Georgia, studied at Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute, Department of Philology. She published several novels. At the same time she wrote scripts for films and TV series. When Nino decided to become a film director and for this purpose she left for Moscow where she graduated from High School of Scriptwriters and Filmmakers. After finishing her study she returned to Georgia and made several documentaries, staged six plays and worked at the television as documentary film director. With her script she became the winner of Georgian National Film Center competition and shot the first full-length movie Anna’s Life.


A Crack (2006), Such Love (2006), 6 ½ Minutes (2006), Almond House (2007), Flying with Sweetheart (2010), Getting Ready for Death (2010), Eva’s Territory (2011), Creatures in Cold Mirror (2013), Nuances of Existence (2014), Techno Melancholy (2014), Ten Days .before the War (2015), Annas’s Life (2016)

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