Director Jacques Toulemonde

Production year 2016

Length 96min.

Country France/Colombia


Anna is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown and has completely lost the trust of her former partner who threatens to take full custody of their 10 years old son Nathan. In a desperate attempt to keep him with her, Anna decides to fly to her hometown in Colombia, along with her new boyfriend. During the journey, Anna will strive to build a new family while escaping from the police.


Jacques Toulemonde
Jacques Toulemonde



Julien Naveau, Diana Ramos


Jacques Toulemonde

Director of Photography

Paulo Perez

Production designer

Paulo Andrés Pérez


Matthieu Perrot, Pierre Bariaud, Jocelyn Robert


Mauricio Leras


Juana Acosta, Kolya Abiteboul, BrunoClairefond, Augustin Legrand

Production company(ies)

Noodles Production 38, rue Dunois, 75647 Paris cedex 13

Jacques Toulemonde

Jacques Toulemonde was born to a French-Colombian family in Bogota where he grew up before leaving to France in 2001. In Paris, he studied literature at La Sorbonne. He served for nearly ten years as first assistant director in several feature films such as The Wind Journeys by Ciro Guerra, The Stoplight Society by Rubén Mendoza, El Paseo by Harold Trompetero and Dago García, and Roa by Andi Baiz, among others. In 2010, he directed the short film Child's Play. This coproduction between the Colombian company Janus Films and Noodles Production in France, was selected in more than thirty film festivals and received more than ten international awards. In 2014, he directed the feature film Anna. Toulemonde is currently developing Cariño, a feature that describes the struggle of a rapper caught in a spiral of violence while he tries to provide for his family in Bogota. Concurrently to his director’s career, Jacques Toulemonde also works as a screenwriter. He is the writer of his own projects and he co-wrote the script of Ciro Guerra’s The Embrace of the Serpent, winner of the Art Cinema Award during Cannes’ Directors Fortnight 2015.


Child's Play (2010), Anna (2015).

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