An Autumn Without Berlin
An Autumn Without Berlin

An Autumn Without Berlin

Director Lara Izagirre

Production year 2015

Length 100min.

Country Spain


A young woman  comes back to her hometown without a prior warning after having spent some years overseas. Her arrival is anticipated to be painful. Time has changed and neither her family nor Diego –her first love– will be the same anymore. But as the south wind does in Autumn, June shall shake up everything. She searches for place within the arms of her family and carries on with her old dream on fleeing to Berlin with Diego, going after what she yearns.


Lara Izagirre
Lara Izagirre



Gorka Izagirre


Lara Izagirre

Director of Photography

Gaizka Bourgeaud

Production designer

Iñaki Juaristi

Music by

Joseba Brit


Eva Valiño


Ibai Elorza


Irene Escolar, Tamar Novas, Ramón Barea, Lier Quesada, Naiara Carmona, Mariano Estudillo, Paula Soldevila, Itziar Ituño, María Isabel Díaz, Pablo Viña

Production company(ies)

Gariza Films

Lara Izagirre

Lara Izagirre Garizurieta studied Audivisual Communication at the University of the Basuqe Country. She took various film courses at New York Film Academy and at EICTV. She also enrolled at the Writing Master’s Degree at ESCAC in Barcelona. In 2010, she the founded the production company Gariza Films. Since then, she has written, directed and produced various short films. Among her works, the remarkable ones are Kea (2011), Next Stop: Greenland (2012) , The Hidden Ways of Creativity (2013) and Autumn without Berlin (2015). Along these years her works have obtained several awards as well as special mentions at international festivals.


Bicycle Poem (2010), Kea (2012), Larroxa (2013), The Hidden Ways of Creativity (2013), Next Stop: Greenland (2013), Autumn without Berlin (2015).

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