Amama: When a Tree Falls
Amama: When a Tree Falls

Amama: When a Tree Falls

Director Asier Altuna

Production year 2015

Length 103min.

Country Spain


The traditional stone farmhouse, the bastion of rural Basque life, guards both mystery and atavistic wisdom between its ancient walls. Life in such a place can seem isolating and harsh by contemporary standards; its inhabitants often feel trapped by a destiny imposed on them since birth. The three children of Tomas and Ixabel each grapple with this reality in their own way: hiding behind humor, escaping through travel, or, in the case of Amaia, seeking release through exploratory works of art. Amaia tries not to sever herself from her heritage, but Tomas-- who was raised according to an iron tradition - cannot understand her life as anything more than the final abandonment of the farmhouse that has sheltered the soul of his family for generations. Amaia is desperate to reconcile her artistic pursuits with the legacy of her ancestors, even against the uncomprehending stubbornness of her own father. Grandma - Amama - quietly watches the destiny of her family unfold, even as the world fades before her eyes.


Best Basque Film, Iriza Award, Best Basque Script, Screenwriters Association Award | San Sebastian IFF, , 2015

Best Music Award | Cinemed Montpellier, France, 2015

Best Film, Best Director, Principe de Viana Award, Audience Award | Festival de Cine “Ciudad de Tudela”, , 2015

Best Film, Txapela D’Or | Barcelona, , 2015

Best Film Award | Semana del Cine de Vitoria, , 2015

Best Film, Grand Jury Prize | Latinita Festival in Ajaccio, Corsica, 2015

Best Film, Student Jury Prize | Festival Ojoloco in Grenoble, France, 2015

Best Film, Young Jury Award | Festival de Cinema Espagnol du Nantes, France, 2015

Best Script, Silver Simorgh Award | Fajr IFF, Iran, 2015


Asier Altuna
Asier Altuna



Marian Fernandez


Asier Altuna

Director of Photography

Javi Agirre

Production designer

Mikel Serrano

Music by

Javi P3z and Mursego


Laurent Dufreche


Kandido Uranga, Iraia Elias, Klara Badiola, Ander Lipus, Amparo Badiola, Manu Uranga, Nagore Aranburu

Production company(ies)

Txintxua Films Euskadi Etorbidea N-53, 4º A, finca 36 20110 Trintxerpe Gipuzkoa

Asier Altuna

From 1997, Asier Altuna has written, co-directed and directed 7 short films, a TV series, 2 TV programmes and 3 feature films. He has been nominated twice to the Goya Awards. His films have been screened over 100 festivals throughout the years and won over 20 awards.


Txotx (1997), Ezetz (1999), Topeka (2002), Sarean (2005), Artalde (2010), Soroa (2014), Aupa Etxebeste (2005), Bertsolari (2011), Amama (2015).

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