About Love
About Love

About Love

Director Anna Melikyan

Production year 2015

Length 115min.

Country Russia


What is love? This is the question that the characters try to answer. Very different individuals and stories interact and intersect in this movie. Cameos about dissimilar things and all about love: a young couple prefer to live, pretending they are Japanese anime characters; a secretary hears an indecent proposal from her boss; a Japanese girl comes to Moscow in search of a Russian guy; a graffiti artist searching for beauty; a former wife who is hired by her ex to fulfill an unusual task, and much else...



Anna Melikyan
Anna Melikyan



Anna Melikyan


Anna Melikyan, Andrey Migachev

Director of Photography

Fedor Lyass

Production designer

Vasiliy Raspopov

Music by

Dmitriy Emelyanov


Boris Voyt


Mikhail Igonin


Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Mashkov, Yevgeny Tsyganov, Mikhail Efremov, Maria Shalayeva, Yulia Snigir, Alexei Filimonov, Alexandra Bortich, Maria Danilyuk

Production company(ies)

Magnum 121614, Krylatskiye Hills, 47, office. 2 phone: 8 (495) 414-58-00

Anna Melikyan

In 2002, Anna Melikyan graduated from VGIK, Department of Feature Film Directing (studio of S. Solovyov, V. Rubinchik). Her student shorts Andante, Let’s Fly, Poste Restante and Double Bass won prizes at more than 40 international festivals and have been acquired by film museums in Rome and Melbourne. In 2001, she trained at different film companies in Germany (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden) at the invitation of the German Goethe Institut. In 2002-2005. she directed a number of documentaries for TV and TV shows. Since 2005. AnnaMelikyan has been the head of her own film company Magnum. Her debut movie Mars (2004) premiered at the Berlin IFF, the second feature The Mermaid (2007) won the Prize to the Best Director at the Sundance IFF, the FIPRESCI at the Berlin IFF, took the Grand Prix at the Sofia and Yerevan IFFs, the Prize Independent Camera at the Karlovy Vary IFF. The film Star (2014) won the Prize for the Best Directing at Kinotavr 2014.


Andante (1998, short), Let’s Fly (1999, short), Poste Restante (2001, short), Double Bass (2002, short), Mars (2004), The Mermaid (2007), About Love (2011, short), About Love 2 (2013, short), A Mood Like That, Bach’s Adagio and Several Episodes from the Life of the Girl Lena (2014, short), Star (2014), About Love (2015).

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